​James "JD" Monk

December 6th, 1983 - August 7th, 2017

We at The Ugly Mug "Mobile" Ceramic Studio are a quirky, eccentric, and hilarious group of individuals. We love what we do, and we put our entire heart and soul into it. We are family centered in our goals and our ideals, both with this company, and in our private lives.

This page is dedicated to the hardworking people who make this company and it's future possible.

Madison Boling


​​I met JD through a mutual friend about 2 years ago. I would have never dreamed that meeting at a little girl's birthday party could change my life so drastically, and only for the better. Everyone who knew him knew that JD lived and breathed BBQ. When I bought my business and was completely overwhelmed saying to myself, "what was I thinking?!", JD messaged me the same night asking how things were going; little did I know that he had just filed his paperwork to become a LLC only days before, and knew exactly what my next steps should be.

Throughout the following months, as my business began to accelerate, our relationship continued to grow. One day, out of the blue, I got another message from JD asking if he could work for me. I only got the pleasure of him working for me for a couple of months, but I firmly believe that if it had not been partly for him, I would have lost my mind through this chapter in my life.

​When my grandpa passed last month, JD was one of the first to reach out to me to not only offer condolences, but to be there for literally anything that I needed. At the end of his message, it simply read "Rest easy and know he is in a better place and no longer in pain."

He is now in that better place without pain and, hopefully in time, the pain in our hearts will ease. He will always be missed until the day we get to see him again. Rest easy, friend.

-Shelby Sisemore ​​


Shelby Sisemore


Madison Boling is an eccentric soul and is a truly one of a kind individual. She is insightful beyond her 28 years, can hold her own in a contest of wits, and can speak with you for hours about everything and nothing. She is efficient, understanding, and loving down to her core. 

Shelby Sisemore bought The Ugly Mug "Mobile" Ceramic Studio in November of 2016. She is the niece of the previous owners, and is transforming and expanding the company daily. She is a down to earth, 24 year old woman who works a full time job, along with running the company. She always has a smile on her face, and is quick to laugh.

Brandalyn Alberty is a wife, mother, and a woman who has a heart for people. She is energetic, spunky, and is always cracking jokes. Brandalyn, like everyone else with The Ugly Mug, puts her entire heart and soul into everything she does and it reflects in her work, family, and church life.

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Brandalyn Alberty