We are a fun, fast paced, and ever growing business. That being said, we always need new employees to join us in our adventures! A typical day for us involves loading up the trailer/truck/car with ceramics, paint, brushes, stencils, chairs, and tables as needed. Events are typically around the two hour mark, but between arrival, set up, working the event, tear down, and clean up, you can expect to spend 3-4 hours at a site.

Hours are varied, as it depends on when a customer reserves us for their party.


1. You are required to be able to lift and carry 30 pounds.

2. You must have your own vehicle and be able to load the above listed items into your vehicle.

3. You must have a professional, yet fun demeanor. You must be able to laugh.

4. Your hours must be flexible. As long as we know your availability, we will work you where and when we can.

5. You must not have any violent criminal offenses. Other charges will be considered on a case by case basis.


1. Artistic capabilities are not required.

2. College Degree is not required.

3. Previous work experience is not required.

4. Computer Skills are not required.

5. You are not required to furnish your own supplies.

Employment Opportunities

If we have not bored you yet, and you are still interested in working for us please email us at theuglymugceramicstudio@hotmail.com

Your resume is preferred, but it is not required. If you don't have one, don't worry. Email us, and we will send you an application. We will not make you do both, as that would be wasting our time, and yours.

Nobody wants that.

Also, feel free to email us with any questions that you might have as well!