Q:  "What if I have a special project request for my party?"

Frequently Asked Questions

  A: You can cancel your appointment 48 hours or more before the event starts for a full refund of your booking fee. You can contact us via email theuglymugceramicstudio@hotmail.com, call or text 918-606-3430.

If you have 50 or more people attending your party, deposit prices may vary - please call for details.

  If you cancel less than 48 hours before your event starts, your $50 deposit will be forfeit.

Q:  "What is your cancellation policy?"

  A: Cash, check, and credit/debit card (Via Square.)

Your firstborn child is not needed or wanted in exchange for services.

Q:   "What do you consider a party?"

  A:  We request that you book/confirm your party at least two weeks in advance so that we can staff for it, and make sure that we have your specially requested ceramics in stock. One month notice is preferred.

‚Äč  If you have a last minute party, do not worry! Give us a call, and we will make our best efforts to accommodate.

  A:  There are endless options! Painting is fun and there are no special skills required for this activity! We also have stencils that can be used. If you can brushstroke you can paint!

Q:  "How much does it cost to host a party?"

 Q:  "What if I have never painted before, and I'm not artistic? What can I do?"

Q:  "Who pays for the party?"

Q:  "What happens if one of my guests doesn't want to paint?"

  A:  Please refer to Services and Pricing page for detailed explanation.

  A: That's okay too! One of the benefits of being a mobile ceramic studio is that we can cater specifically to your needs! We charge per piece, not per person.

Q:  "What types of payment do you take?"

  A: Life happens! Because we price per piece compared to other ceramic studios who charge per person AND per piece, there is no cost if a guest doesn't show.

  A: Generally the host/hostess. However, if you are wanting everyone to pay individually, just let us know! (And them!)

  A: We are more than happy to help personalize your party! Some people like to have their guests pick out their projects on the day of the event, others want to have everyone to the same project. Both scenarios work for us! We do ask that you let us know 4 weeks ahead of time so that we may order the proper ceramics.

Q:  "What happens if I have guests that don't show up to the party?"

  A: We are a completely mobile ceramic studio! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a seperate studio space to rent out. We hope to change this in the future.

Q:  "How far in advance do I need to book my party?"

  A:   We generally consider a party 6 people or more, if you have fewer let us know! If you have a party of 30 or more please let us know in advance so we can ensure proper staffing.

 Q:  "Do you have a studio to rent out for parties or occasions?"